FL Högbacka (15/05/2018)
Kategoria: Harjoitukset
Kartta: Iso-Antias
Järjestäjä: HS
Maa: Finland
Enjoyable orienteering on a warm and sunny day. On 1st leg I had again trouble adjusting to forest-o after sprint mapping, and got confused near the control, +20sec. 2nd leg choice was a risk but looking at splits it seems like it paid off. On the long 5th leg I Iost contact several times but this terrain is forgiving on that. At the road I ran down for 5sec and checked compass to see I hit it below the junction. At 6th control I saw the flag early, but thought it was going to be cliff, and as I couldn't see the punching unit, I ran past thinking it was an old forgotten flag. Luckily I soon realised my mistake, so a loss of 15sec only. 8th leg was tricky, and I had trouble seeing the levels. There was a lot of people looking for the control... +90sec. Unlike other orienteers, I had drank enough liquid and was the only man not dead tired at finish. Maybe I ran too slow?
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FL Högbacka (15/05/2018) FL Högbacka (15/05/2018)